Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday Chess

Thursday chess had a pretty good turnout this week. This is my first post. I havent figured out how to put the games up here that you can output with fritz (like the page does). Best I can do is upload an image. So I uploaded an image from Michael Heinisch vs me from yesterday. This wasnt the exact position, but it was something like this.

I thought I had the game won (he seemed to think so too judging by his gestures), but he capitalized on a miscalculation I made. Looking at it now with a cool head, I'm not sure I should have resigned when I did, but thats chess.

Both Jeff Chandler and I had skipped first part of the tournament and played just the last game. Jeff played Reed Russel. I didnt get to see the game. Wish I had though. I bet there was some nice fireworks.

Roger Hale played Michael Melander. Michael is somewhat new to the club. Roger somehow beat him with a R & P vs Michaels 2 Qs. I should probably have posted an image of that here.

I was watching Josh Franz play Vince Berg. For a while, Josh had quite a time advantage, but Vince Managed to even it out. The position looked even as well. I thought maybe Vince might have been slightly better, but what do I know. It didnt matter though, because Josh busted a nice piece-winning tactic.

Vince Wisniewski played Norm Myrin. Norm had the white pieces, if I recall correctly. It seemed Norm had the advantage (looking at the post mortem analysis) but made a tactical error.

The last 3 games finished between 11:30 and midnight. I left around midnight. Norm, Vince W, Jeff, and Reed were still there going over Norm and Vinces game.

Was a good night!!


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