Monday, December 4, 2006

Some Details for the new location

Information concerning the new location for the Chess Castle.
Address: 6020 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
Off-Street Parking in the back lot and nearby on-street parking available.

Anticipated playing fees $3.00 per player per event-day for the building owner. Play will occur in the small half of the basement. We might be able to move some of the tables depending on player participation

Anticipated equipment to be moved: One upright locker/cabinet, Computer with printer, clocks and sets to fit into one plastic storage container with wheels. That's it. Everything else must be stored elsewhere or liquidated.

Monday Action Quads and Thursday Knighters will continue at the new location. We need tournament directors to run weekend events.

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Joe Erjavec said...


Thanks for the update and welcome to Blogger!

Do you know how the $3/event-day will affect the Thursday Knighter? We will have to charge more so that the building owner is making $12/month for each of us in a typical four-round event?